Our work is backed up by a recognized prestige in the Modelling and Simulation fields of complex Engineering systems.

We count with a staff of highly qualified engineers to satisfy the client’s conditions in a cost-efficient and timely manner, offering particular attention to activities such as: Program exploration and definition, Design and simulation concept, Development and validation, Prototypes and qualification, Technology transfer, Provisioning and industrialization, Supply chain, Implementation, On-site technical support, Modernization and obsolescence, Management, Training.

Engineering Techniques

  • Sophisticated and simulation techniques reduce development times and, at the same time, the number of prototypes for the qualification and validation of engineering products.
  • Dynamic simulation and structural analysis (Multiphysics)
  • Dynamic simulation of powertrain
  • Dynamic and mechanical simulation of solids
  • Digital analysis (computer) of Fluid Dynamics and Hydrodynamic Wave.
  • Dynamics of Micro Time
  • Structure-fluid interaction Noise and Vibration E(3) (EMC/EME/EMI)

3D Modeling Tools

  • Solid Works
  • Autocad

Project Management Tools

  • Microsoft Projects

Technical Support

  • Evaluation of
  • System installation
  • Testing and inspection processes
  • Technical problem-solving processes
  • General repair and review
  • Technical instruction
  • Post-sales support