Project Management

VENPROCA, in a disciplined way, makes use of all its potentialities to achieve the objectives required by our clients; therefore, we are an integral part of the equation of systemic solutions, we empower ourselves and commit ourselves to the project, to reach the designated objective and always offer the best of services.

We seek the knowledge in formal and informal structures to enrich our work and to guide the client concerning legal, financial, tax, and customs (import / export) aspects, patents, licenses, and any other activity related to the project.

VENPROCA has gained vast multifaceted experience, nationally and internationally, leading due to its services and reaping more and more customers.

In our negotiations, we take into account aspects such as:

  • Scope, cost and program objectives
  • Changes in scope, cost or program
  • Contractual and condition terms
  • Designations
  • Resources